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MPS TimeLog - quick and easy time recording. Perfect for self employed and freelancers, also suitable for employees or for leisure and hobby to log and evaluate the required time for activities in all areas.

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Google Play Store
Amazon App Store


  • Direct time recording during an activity
  • Possible to change start time during time recording
  • Logging pauses which will be shown and calculates as separate entries
  • Add or change entries afterwards
  • Each entry is assigned to a client, project and activitiy
  • Add hourly rate for each project (optional)
  • Show total list (the log) for all entries
  • Use filter to display required entries only
  • Sort the log ascending or descending by date and time
  • Display time exactly per minute or rounded (5, 10, 15 or 30 minutes)
  • Quick evaluation by displaying the daily and total sum of entries, their duration and turnover
  • Assignment of one or several keywords for each entry (optional)
  • Add notes for each entry (optional)
  • Backup and restore the database on an SD card (allows transfer between Free version and Pro version)
  • Statistics for monthly and annual totals as well as monthly average
  • Transfer the exported or backup files via WiFi transfer to other devices

Customized settings:

  • Background (light / dark)
  • Language (German / English)
  • Date (short / extended format)
  • Export date (short format)
  • Date separator (dot / dash / slash)
  • Duration (hours and minutes / decimal hours)
  • Time (24 or 12 hour format)
  • Decimal separator (comma / point)
  • First day of the week (all weekdays)

Also in the Pro version:

  • Export filtered entries to CSV, HTML or PDF file to an SD card or directly via email for further use on the PC
  • CSV files import
  • Ad-Free
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